Mujae - The Brand

Mujae is a privately owned fashion label, specializing in luxury outerwear and shirts.  Mujae was an exclusive brand, for many top level CEO's and many within the music industry. This was before recently going more public with ready to wear collections.  The Mujae niche is blending unique fabric combos such as silk velvet, fur and silk charmeuse, with traditional outerwear and shirts.  Mujae is the first menswear brand to introduce, complete inner and outer silk velvet french cuffs for men’s formal high thread cotton dress shirts.  We focus on creating tailored ready to wear master pieces, that look and feel bespoke for all our garments.  

Mujae is for the honourable, the entrepreneur , the hustler.  It's a brand that caters to those who live by a code of ethics in life. A set of rules that one lives by day to day. From CEO’s of fortune 500 companies to young entrepreneurs; all who wear Mujae truly make a powerful statement.   

Innovation, workmanship and quality are central tenets applied to crafting all Mujae products. In Italy, Mujae employs many families and tailors whose in depth history for crafting shirts and overcoats, dates back to 100 years and more.  

Mission Statement:

Our Mission is to Create a brand exclusive for the honourable, the respected. If you live by a code in life, chances are you’ll be wearing Mujae.


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